Gain insight and clarity about your sexuality and create a quality sex life.

At the LoveLife Clinic, we believe our sexuality is a fundamental part of being human, and its authentic expression is essential to happiness and well-being in love and life.

It's an area of life though that can be pretty confusing to resolve and improve on your own, so it really is essential to get help from true specialists. At the LoveLife Clinic, we are those sex experts who can help you.

Our Principal, Jacqueline Hellyer, and her associates, Alain Moulay and Leslie Scholl, have studied and trained to the highest levels to become accredited Psychosexual Therapists/Clinical Sexologists in order to support you to truly gain clarity around your sexuality, individually or as a couple.

You’ll find that talking to us is a liberating experience. We do not need to judge or assess you; our only agenda is to enable you to transform and grow.

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Sex Therapy for Couples and Individuals

The LoveLife Clinic approach

We take a holistic, integrated approach to sex therapy. One that is transpersonal, psychobiological, somatic and positive psychological coaching-based:

  • Transpersonal therapy addresses the whole person: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual;
  • Psychobiological therapy utilises neuroscience, language and biological processes to aid in change;
  • Somatic therapy enables you to go beyond your mind and feel into your body (note that this is touch-free therapy);
  • Positive psychology focuses on your strengths rather dysfunctions;
  • Coaching is client-centred, solution-focused and dynamic.

When applied to this fundamentally important part of life sex therapy allows you to find real meaning and fulfilment in your relationships, your sexuality and your life.

How sex therapy can help you

For couples in particular, unlike most relationship counsellors, we deal with the sexual side of things. Given how important sex is in a relationship, we believe it is ineffective not to address it, and strongly believe it’s why an integrated approach is so effective to helping people in all aspects of their relationship.

Whether single or partnered, our sexuality is at the core of being human. Quality sex is an extraordinary thing, and one that has a hugely positive effect on us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By addressing your sexual issues, you’ll find that the whole of life improves.

The clinic is LGBTQIA positive and we welcome clients of all sexual orientations and preferences.

The sex therapy process we’ll guide you through

While the process will differ depending on your particular situation, essentially, the approach we’ll take is to help you:

  • Figure out how you would like your sex life to be;
  • Work out what changes you need to make in your thinking, behaviour and life-style to enable that to happen;
  • Assist you to make those changes;
  • Along the way, bust a lot of myths, give you real information and education, provide a lot of guidance and strategy;
  • And overall, enable transformation at all levels of your being.

The sex therapy sessions can be surprisingly enjoyable and freeing. The best things in life are fun, and sex is undoubtedly one of the best things in life, so we’ll talk, we’ll laugh and we’ll lighten you up about the whole sex thing. At the same time we’ll look at you, your relationships and your life.

The most common comment clients say at the end of their first session is: "What a relief!" and "I wish I/we’d come to you a lot sooner!"

Types of Clients


Those in a bad place, often due to infidelity, needing help to heal as well as grow;

Those that are good partners but the sex isn’t so good, either mismatched libidos, feeling jaded, or life getting in the way;

Those that are already good partners and lovers and want advice to become even better! (Often wanting to learn Tantra, explore openness, try new sexual activities.)


Those wanting more sexual knowledge and confidence;

Those wanting to deal with concerns around desire, performance or orgasm;

Those wanting clarity within their current relationship (often ‘should I stay or should I go’) or to find a new one.

We specialise in:

helping you become experts on each other, have excellent communication skills, and co-create a great relationship

Examples of client issues

  • Couple, wanting to keep long-term sex life strong.
  • Couple, dealing with mis-matched libidos.
  • Couple, needing to improve communication.
  • Couple, dealing with apathy and low sexual desire.
  • Couple, dealing with affairs by one or both parties.
  • Couple, wanting to learn Tantric practices.
  • Couple, wanting to explore the kinkier sides of sex.
  • Couple, wanting to explore or manage an open/poly relationship.
  • Couple, little sexual experience, wanting information and education.
  • Couple, newly together, sex not going well.
  • Couple, wanting to learn how to make love with an unavoidable sexual dysfunction.
  • Couple, wanting to learn how to make love with the sexual implications of a disability or disease.
  • Couple, dealing with childhood sexual abuse of one or both parties.
  • Couple, wanting to enter marriage/relationship with positive sexual expectations.
  • Couple, wanting to maintain sexual activity now that have become or are becoming parents.
  • Couple, wanting to negotiate around a fetish or fantasy.
  • Couple, wanting to have good sex while undergoing IVF.
  • Couple, wanting to enjoy good sex in older age.
  • Couple, trying decide whether to stay together or not.
  • Couple, wanting to have amicable separation.
  • Couples, wanting advice on how to talk to children about sex.

  • Male, long term relationship, sex has become dull and/or his partner is not interested.
  • Male, wanting to manage his excessive/compulsive viewing of porn/masturbation/use of sex workers.
  • Male, concerned as to whether he's a sex addict.
  • Male, premature ejaculator, wanting to last longer.
  • Male, little sexual experience, wanting to feel more confident.
  • Male, feels inadequate as a lover.
  • Male, after losing significant weight, wanting to work with new-found sexual vitality.
  • Male, wanting to develop his Tantric sexual techniques, particularly to become multi-orgasmic.
  • Male, dealing with low sexual and/or physical self-confidence.
  • Male, wondering whether to stay in relationship or not.
  • Male, erectile problems.
  • Male, unable to orgasm.
  • Male, wanting to be as good a lover as possible.

  • Female, bored sexually in marriage, wanting to explore options.
  • Female, wanting to become more orgasmic.
  • Female, wanting to become more sexually assertive.
  • Female, wondering whether to stay in relationship or not.
  • Female, with vaginismus (painful or impossible intercourse).
  • Female, new relationship, wanting to hone up on technique and improve confidence.
  • Female, wanting to deal with her affair.
  • Female, concerned about sexual pain.
  • Female, fearful of sex.
  • Female, poor body image.
  • Female, not liking her genitals.
  • Female, recently separated after long marriage, wanting to prepare for new sexual encounters.
  • Female, with Tantric experience, wanting to know how to train new partner in same.
  • Female, wanting to learn Tantra and have energy orgasms.
  • Female, wanting to 'know everything you know'.

  • Individual, wanting to know if they're 'normal'.
  • Individual, needing to deal with childhood sexual abuse.
  • Individual, no longer finding partner sexually desirable.
  • Individual, concerned re virginity (usually late virgin)
  • Individual, wanting to move on from damaging relationship
  • Individual, in the 'should I stay or should I go' dilemma
  • Individual, wanting to find a new partner
  • Individual, concerned with fetish or fantasy
  • Individual, wanting to learn about Tantric approaches to love-making
  • Individual, wanting to be a better lover!

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We offer our services in person at The LoveLife Clinic in Rozelle, Sydney, Australia, and online around the country and internationally.

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