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These free videos from Jacqueline's YouTube channel, will inform and inspire you on all matters sex, love and intimacy!

These videos cover all sorts of topics, and go back from the early days of Jacqueline's career as a Psychosexual Therapist to the present.

She's one of the few experts who can convey great information in an engaging, light-hearted and sleaze-free way. Watch, learn and enjoy!

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Videos by Jacqueline to Inform and Inspire You!

Fly on the Wall Friday

Be a 'fly on the wall' in my sex and relationship therapy clinic, the LoveLife Clinic! Every Friday I share an interesting case from the week, to inform and inspire you in your own love life!

60 Second Sex Tips

I created this series of one-minute sex tips so that you can get engaging, top-quality information from a real expert - a trained Clinical Sexologist with thousands of hours of experience. This information is fun and informative and totally sleaze-free!

Sex Toy Sexpose

In Sex Toy Sexpose, with the help of my trusty blow-up 'man prop' Bruce, I tell you all about the range of sex toys available. Watch and learn and then - go forth and play!

Information Videos

Twelve information videos I created early on in my career (pre YouTube days!) as a Clinical Sexologist, on a range of sex-related issues. There's still heaps of great information here - in fact the one on Thrusting Techniques is most popular video ever!

Giving Talks about Sex

These are talks I've given where there was a video recorder (most of them haven't). There's a pretty good range of topics and audiences.

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