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Great Sex After Kids

This is the book that started it all! I wrote it back in 2006 when I had three small children and a great sex life, but the parents around me were frazzled and didn't seem to be having any sex at all.

The book was originally called 'The Sex Life Survival Guide' and published by New Holland. Once it was released my clients wanted to talk about sex, and that's what led me to embark on the amazing career I now have specialising in all things sex, love intimacy.  

At the time it was mostly based on my own experience, with a good amount of life coaching thrown in. I did update it in 2011, and if I wrote it now, with all my years of expertise, I would go deeper. Nonetheless it is still a really good book with lots of great information for new parents and parents-to-be. 

The key concept is to anticipate, accept and adapt, so that your love life doesn't just survive, but thrives once your kids come along!

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Sex Secrets for Busy People

Is your busy lifestyle stopping you from having really great sex? Or even worse, is it stopping you from even wanting sex? Here is the answer!

Sex Secrets for Busy People dispels the limiting beliefs that stop you from having really great sex, then shows how to replace those beliefs with empowering understanding and practical solutions to create the great sex you deserve.

With all seven Sex Secrets – Energy, Awareness, Attitude, Integration, Environment, Intimacy and Art - you will combine them into a creative whole of ongoing, life-enhancing sex.

If you've been together five hours or five years this book will change your busy lives! 

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Seven Sex Goddesses

Meet your Seven Sex Goddesses within, and discover how they can help you embody your sexuality and express yourself fully as a woman! The Goddesses represent fundamental elements of yourself that you can draw on to awaken your sexual potential. You'll become more sexually confident and expressive, have more sexual desire and greater sexual response!

This modern view on the Goddesses of Sex is the result of my pioneering, original research in female sexuality. Consider this book a manual for self-discovery. Each Goddess is accompanied by a fictional, historical erotic story to convey the feeling of these energies in a way that is accessible for you as a modern-day woman. Then through 24 illustrative erotic stories you'll also follow the journeys of three fictional modern women as they experience the energy of each Goddess in their lives.

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