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#337: You Can't Search for Love. It's Already There. You Can Only Remove the Barriers to Let It In

Published Monday, February 14, 2022

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So many people are looking for love, seeking it as though it is something outside of them, separate from them. 

Singles trawl the dating apps, date after date, hoping that this time it will be the one who will bring love into their life…

Couples engross themselves in their individual lives, becoming complacent, losing their connection. They feel the lack of love and seek it through work, children, or external lovers…

Yet the love is already there. It’s within us and it’s around us. Single or partnered, know yourself, love yourself. We need to do the psychological and spiritual work to clear negative patterns, to develop understanding and compassion for ourselves. It can be hard, and a life-long process, but so rewarding. We come to realise that ‘I’m ok’. We learn to let down the barriers, remove the armour that we created to keep us safe from the large or small hurts and neglects we experienced as children, to deal with the conditioning we received even though it didn’t feel right – ‘boys don’t cry’, ‘be a good girl’ – the message that we aren’t good enough unless… that we aren’t loveable unless….that we aren’t lovable.

Yet humans thrive on love, we are a bonding species, we need to connect to others, and to have stronger bonds with small numbers, particularly with our parents as children and then with our partner as adults. It is hard-wired in us, our evolutionary drive was to bond so as to raise our helpless slow-growing young and therefore survive as a species. Our human evolutionary drive has always been love.

The more we are able to love ourselves, the more we can let ourselves open to the love that is around us. Having that internal sense of self-love gives us strength to be vulnerable and authentic, allowing others around us to be the same, allowing us to connect as the fragile, beautiful people that we are, bumbling along in life the best we can. Single people then meet those who are a good match to their true selves and the love flows. Couples stay attuned to each other, really knowing each other and through that supporting and loving each other through life.

With the self-love you feel the external love. The experience of life is inevitably challenging, yet with the love it is experienced as safe, joyous and fulfilling.

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